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Friday, November 7, 2008

Past Live Rituals

Portland, OR.
03.09, Party Island. KR, Cower, Kudzu, Superbad.
03.29, Pocket Sandwich. Jaws, KR, Justice Yeldham, Silentist, Deep Jew. God Willing was scheduled to perform but was unable.
04.14, Branx. KR, Yellow Swans, Verlaten, Sissy Spacek, Superbad.
04.28, 3131 SE Main. Agora, Neckties Make Me Nervous, Stagrot, KR, Start Fires.
07.04, 32 Negative Cook. Dagorlad, Ealdath, KR, Kudzu, Polka Madre.
07.18, Plan B. Murderess, Slam Dunk, Doldrums, KR, Kudzu.
07.23, Kelly's Olympian Pub. Stoneburner, KR, Oakhelm.
08.06, 1816 SE Franklin Gazebo. Dagorlad, KR.
09.28, Ground Kontrol. Transient, KR, Superbad, Capitalist Casualties.
10.17, 32 Negative Cook. The Werewolf Korps., Torn To Pieces, Stormcrow, KR.
11.26, Pocket Sandwich. The Cysts, Ripper, KR, Superbad.
11.28, Oakland, CA, House Of Nostromo. Thousands Will Die, KR, Superbad, Acts Of Sedition, Strains Of The Apocalypse.
11.29, San Jose, CA, Debug. Clancy Wiggum, Annihilate This, KR, Superbad.
12.01, Tucson, AZ, Dry River Collective. Serows, Flying Donkey Punch, xWalrusx, Pulverizer, KR, Superbad.
12.02, Las Cruces, NM, Thunderhome. Old And Ill, KR, Superbad.
12.03, San Antonio, TX, Rock Bottom. Good Grief, Ballgag, Battle Rifle, KR, Superbad, Vaginal Bear Trap.
12.04, Austin, TX, Broken Neck. Doom Siren, KR, Superbad, Hatred Surge.
12.06, Houston, TX, The White Swan, Day 2 of H-Town Noisefest. Sewer Age, Satannibas, Battle Rifle, The Ale Gore, Insecticide, Doom Siren, Kill The Client, P.L.F., KR, Superbad, In Disgust. Terrorism were sheduled to perform but were unable.
12.07, San Antonio, TX, Awful House. No Time For The Old In Out, Catheter, KR.
12.09, Albuquerque, NM, Albuquerque Center For Peace And Justice. Manias/ Sale Sangre, Demogorgon, KR.
12.10, Glendale, AZ, Incision Tattoo. Black Pathology, Dias Mas Oscuros, KR.
12.11, Los Angeles, CA, The Smell. Wire Werewolves, Pedestrian Deposit, What Shame?, KR, Exhausted Prayer.
12.12, Oakland, CA, Your House. War Trash, Thousands Will Die, No One Dies Alone, KR, In Disgust.
2.04, 336 N. Alberta. Kudzu, What Shame?, KR. War Trash were scheduled to perform but were unable.


TwatasaurusRex said...

YOU GUYS KILLLLLED IT LAST NITE! Cant wait to see you in December and get your cd!!

mundoraro said...

Supp dudes? I know charlie aint playing yet but I hope he can soon. It was great having you guys here in MX shitty, gettin wasted and breaking arms.